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What I do…

…is work with business leaders to create secure, long-term value.

Can you manage projects sustainably?

Are your project methods consistent, reliable and focused on the key outcomes? Do you include sustainability measures in business cases, plans and updates?

First Thirty is offering a short review of your project management approach, to help you to set it within your wider business to create value responsibly, and for the long-term.  

To learn more, check out this post, and please get in touch to arrange a free exploratory chat.







Find the drivers of success, capture the reality, and carefully change a little to achieve a lot. 

Succeed with a conscience by understanding and managing consumption, emissions, and impacts on communities.

Build stability and strength to manage changing conditions, succeed and refresh for long term value.



The best decisions rely on trusted information that presents the whole picture. It allows leaders to consider alternatives and scenarios before committing to course of action they can sell to their stakeholders and implement with confidence.

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Strong business cases become compelling pitches, robust plans, and deliverable actions with controls and governance built in to assure successful delivery. There are many forms of planning, so choosing the right approach here and investing ahead of the curve pays dividends later in the process.



Every change can be treated like a project, with visibility of costs, timing, resources, risks and impacts. The human effects are critical to turning a good idea into a successful outcome that makes the most of all the available talents and keeps everyone involved and productive.

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Constant awareness can confirm assumptions, celebrate quick wins, and provide early warning of issues. Dynamic risk management spins the radar for future problems and keeps things on track. Often forgotten, post-project lessons learned are part of the understanding when the next idea arises.

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