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Business transformation

Change is at the heart of all growing businesses, and the external influences drive this as much as our own ambitions.

We work with leaders to understand the gaps or weaknesses in their existing approach, and help them to make robust decisions on what to do about it. Then, it is all about execution, swiftly and efficiently and with sensitivity to all the stakeholders to make sure the change improves rather than exhaust the company.

Transformation summary July 2022
Selected changes – impact over disruption

In established businesses, we use a materiality assessment to identify the most pressing issues across performance and reputation. Business changes focused in these few areas make a disproportionate impact on competitive advantage. This is most relevant when the business steps up to attract investment, especially if approaching ESG-sensitive investors, capture new customers, or find and retain talented employees. 


We use proven change and project management tools and methodologies, and work closely with leaders and team members throughout the organisation to make change as painless and as sticky as possible. 

Some core principles apply:

  • change is inspired by, owned by, and led from the top of the organisation
  • everything that changes will align with the organisation’s goals and values
  • communicate, communicate, communicate
  • change will come from within, not be imposed upon
  • time buckets will be small to recognise and celebrate successes quickly, and to identify and learn from failures before they are embedded
  • start small and build from there
  • set real KPIs and measure these rather than set arbitrary targets
  • keep going until the new normal is exactly that

Start the conversation now 

If these thoughts ring any bells for you, or touch on any gaps in your thinking, then let’s chat about how we can work together to accelerate your ideas into reality.