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Pitches & proposal services

Targeted support for the creation or review of engaging propositions aimed at investors and customers as part of the business growth strategy.

First Thirty brings an experienced eye, with knowledge of what ‘good’ looks like.

Strategy and approach
  • advise leaders on the best approaches based upon years of experience, wins and losses
  • work with a bid or pitch manager to set up the process and team
Shaping and building
  • critically challenge the win themes against customer/investor requirements and preferences
  • help the bid manager to identify, assess and integrate consortium partners or subcontractors
  • work within the team to transfer technical content into commercial language
Review and delivery
  • act in the review process to confirm the intent is being delivered, and meets the necessary quality and approval standards
  • rehearse presentations for confident and assured delivery

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If these thoughts ring any bells for you, or touch on any gaps in your thinking, then let’s chat about how we can work together to accelerate your ideas into reality.